Consume DXN Cordypine Today!

Cordypine is an enzyme drink meticulously made for you by DXN. This special concoction is specially formulated from nutritious fermented pineapple juice and high quality Cordyceps mushroom. Its sweet, tangy aroma and vibrant tropical flavor undoubtedly awakens your senses in the morning, provokes your lazy appetite and spices up your day!

Pineapple is not only easily recognized for its pleasant scent but also for its nutritional value.
People native to Central and South America have a long history of using pineapple.
It has been traditionally used to improve digestion, treat wounds and reduce inflammation.
Moreover, the addition of Cordyceps mushroom into Cordypine as another precious ingredient aids in enhancing the functions of the pineapple enzymes. The combination works synergistically and suprisingly well to give incredible results and a satisfying performance.

Cordypine drinks are easy to prepare by mixing 1 part Cordypine with 9 parts water and it can be drunk before or after meals. Cordypine works best if consumed before meals for those who have a lack of appetite or after meals to enhance digestion. DXN Cordypine is one of the best health food that is suitable for people from all walks of life to enhance energy and promote overall vitality. Stay healthy with DXN Cordypine now and enjoy this beneficial concoction everyday!
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